Human Touch Whole Body 7.1

Human Touch Whole Body 7.1

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Auto Massage Programs - 5 auto programs that can address every conceivable therapeutic need. Simply push a button and the auto program begins, including auto-positioning of the chair back, seat, and ottoman.

Body Map Pro - Human Touch has created the most simple and clever targeted massage program on any massage chair. All massage chairs have manual settings so that the user can target where they want the massage to go. That process usually involves pressing a bunch of buttons to get the rollers to the spot you want them. Human Touch has turned that process into something ridiculously simple and easy to follow. The remote control ("Immersion Director") has an image of a human body broken up into various regions. Simply press the region that you want your massage and the chair automatically begins targeting that area. Good stuff!!

Patented Warm Air Technology - You've never experienced anything like this in a massage chair before - warm air that is circulated throughout your lumbar spine to offer the most comprehansive low back heat.

Zero Gravity - Give your spine a break by slipping into the zero gravity position...the position determined by scientists to be the most optimal for your gravity-bearing, fatigued body.

Swivel Base - The 55 degree swivel base makes moving around your room all that much easier. A very convenient feature that you won't fully appreciate until you sit on the chair.

FlexGlide Orbital Roller Technology - Human Touch's new patented FlexGlide roller technology brings a more sophisticated roller massage experience without the pinching and friction associated with som many other massage chairs. Your roller massage will feel more seamless and smooth because of this new technology.

Retractable Ottoman - Human Touch is notorious for making therapeutic massage chairs look like normal and suave pieces of furniture. One way that this is accomplished is by "hiding" the foot and calf wells under the seat of the chair. No one would ever know that this chair is a massage chair when they see it in your living room, family room, or bedroom.

Foot and Calf Massage - Calf massage wells that can double as foot massage wells...and using the patented Human Touch "paddle" massage technology.

Patented Figure-8 Calf Massage Technology - Paddles, not airbags, provide an amazing calf and foot massage in all of Human Touch's massage chairs. That is now enhanced by the patented Figure-8 massage technology which will greatly optimize circulation in the lower extremities.

Easy-to-Use Remote - No more intimidating remote controls! The Remote Control has easy-to-follow directions and buttons which will make using the chair a breeze.

Stretch, Flex, and Tone Massage Techniques - Human hands are replicated by the use of rollers in the chair back. These rollers have been designed to mimic various massage techniques that provide a wide array of therapeutic benefit to your spine. Easy-to-use buttons allow your muscles to get exactly what they need, based on your needs.