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OGAWA Master Drive AI

OGAWA Master Drive AI

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Ogawa has truly outdone themselves. They have introduced what could be the most intuitive and responsive L-track massage chair yet! The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair incorporates some never-before-seen features that will excite even the most difficult to impress user. Features include a Samsung Tablet with pre-installed app to operate the chair, 4D roller technology with Vario Motion depth adjustment, Alexa & Google Voice compatibility, mechanical foot rollers, memory function, SmartSense airbag pressure control, self diagnostics, built-in quick touch user controls, 3 user profile memory function, 26 auto programs, Chair Doctor Biometric Health Tracker, and much, much more. A very unique and special chair, the Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair brings a whole new dimension to the massage chair world!

4D Vario Motion Mechanism

On the right arm rest is a dial that is easily reached by the user and will easily adjust the depth, height, and width of the rollers, to make the massage experience as perfect a fit for the user. The dial also allows the user to adjust the speed of the rollers on top of it all!

Chair Doctor Biometric Health Tracker

The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair comes with a sensor that the user holds in their hand, which allows the chair to measure certain body biometrics, i.e. perspiration, tension, etc., so that the massage experience can be more uniquely personalized to the body type of the user.

Alexa & Google Voice Compatible

Simply speak into your designated Alexa or Google enabled device and tell you chair what you want it to do. Very sophisticated voice response technology now available.

60 Airbags

Multiple airbags will envelope you and give you compression massage almost everywhere where the rollers can’t reach. Airbags are found in the arms, legs, feet, seat, waist, shoulders, and low back. To have a chair that works on so many areas, including the rollers, will leave you feeling totally relaxed and “fixed” after a long day of stress and strain.

Memory Capability

The Ogawa Master Drive AI can remember and record your optimal massage experience so that, with the push of a button, you can enjoy the same massage the next time you sit on your chair. Up to 3 different user profiles.

One-Touch Zero Gravity Positioning

Zero Gravity is the position that is optimal for the feeling of weightlessness or even weight distribution in the seated position. Most chairs come with this feature nowadays, and the Ogawa Master Drive AI is not the exception. One button push and you will be reclined into a near perfect position.

Quick Touch User Controls

If you’re too tired or lazy to actually use the tablet to run your massage programs, just use the Quick Touch buttons located on the right arm rest for basic functions such as Power, body positioning, and some basic programs.

3 Years Parts & Labor In-Home Warranty

You are covered for 3 full years for both parts and labor, plus you have the option of purchasing an additional 2 years to give you a total of 5 years parts and labor, in-home coverage.

Pre-Installed Samsung Tablet

The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair is run by an Ogawa App, which can be found on the Samsung Android Tablet that is included with your Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair purchase. Full control of the chair is managed by this app. By the way, the included Samsung Tablet also is WiFi enabled and can, of course, be used as a personal computer.

3D Body Scan

Pretty much all massage chairs nowadays have some form of body scan, but what makes this one so interesting is that it measures not just the positioning of the head and shoulders, but also the shape of our spine…PLUS it’s computer technology allows for the rollers to make micro-adjustments throughout the massage session.

26 Auto Programs

The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair employs 26 auto programs utilizing Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling modalities. 8 of your favorite programs can be saved on the home screen.

Patented SmartSense Aircell Technology

Not only does this chair use it’s 60 airbags to lift and compress your various body parts, from head to toe, but this technology can also control the PSI in various airbags by using patented sensors throughout the chair to provide optimum pressure for comfortable massage.

Ottoman with Smart Sense

the Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair also has an electronic leg extender which allows you to set the length of the ottoman’s foot and calf massagers to the perfect length for your body using sensors in the foot rest. No need to push and hold a spring loaded ottoman during your massage session.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

An elaborate network of rollers under each foot will bring welcomed relief to your feet at the end of a long day!

Heat Elements

Heat is provided for the back, via heated rollers, as well as the knees/calves and feet.

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